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Finding the Perfect Partner...

Fed up of looking for the perfect horse and turning up to find that your 16.2 schoolmaster is merely a 14.2hh adrenaline junkie?

Buying and selling horses can be very stressful and sometimes feels like you are asking for the impossible.

Sound familiar?

You turn up to the yard and find that your 16.2 schoolmaster is merely a 14.2hh adrenaline junkie?!?!

Why not remove the stress and time wasting out of your hands and let me help you find your perfect partner?

I am an independent service so i work for you with an honest non biased assessment and prefer to find much loved private horses for sale.

Why should you use me?

- With my experience I aim to save you my cost within your budget with my negotiation skills.

- By asking the right questions I can find out over the phone if there is concern before even viewing the horse which saves a lot of time.

- Being trained in horse psychology and working with problem horses for many years i can spot potential behaviour issues and assess temperament.

I will need to speak to you in detail to understand exactly what you are looking for to ensure the best possible match. Then I will look at many adverts and call potential suitable adverts and ask many questions to find out as much as i can to eliminate any unsuitability immediately. If suitable I will contact you to make sure you are happy for me to view the potential horses then I will go and view and try the horse out with a full assessment including ridden and report my findings back to you. If you are interested we will then arrange a second viewing that we can attend together for you to try the horse. Negotiation and vetting etc can then be discussed and arranged from here if the horse is suitable.

Horse Testimonial from Bee Image link to testimonials page

I can also attend individual viewings of potential horses you have found if prefer for assessment.

Can also collect and deliver your horse to his new home.

Continuous support is also offered including choosing a suitable livery yard or training programme for you and your horse.  This can be general advice or a comprehensive guide.

To find out more please visit 'The Good Horse Guide' page.

Call for a friendly chat for tailor made service that suits you.

** I can be present at the vetting with you and on your behalf and help negotiate an agreeable price. For 10% of purchase price service fee plus travel expenses (minimum cap applies) I can help you find what you are looking for saving you hours of trailing up and down the country side.